Dead mouse odor in wall can have a quick odor fix.

   Dead mouse odor in wall or closet or in car, seem to be the focus of odor searches these days. Look for infomation on  how to get rid of these dead animal in wall odors by looking at blogs or go to www.OdorAbsorber.comwebsiteite or  you can get info and buy from website.

It usually takes about 4 to 6 absorbers, so don;t think one will get rid of the odor. The odor usually will go away in without an odor absorber in 6 to 8 weeks, if you can stand it and you will not be able to, they really stink!

 So go for an activated charcoal or carbon odor absorber and put your odor issues behind you. It also works for dead mouse in car smell or dead mouse in closet odor.


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No matter how you search for it it still is looking for the same answers.  use an activated charcoal odor absorber to get rid of dead mouse smells.

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So na matter how you ask for it, use Fridge It odor absorber, work great on dead mouse on closet, car and walls.

How do I get rid of dead mouse smell in wall?

Dead mouse odor is a real problem that is searched for solutions everyday on the Internet.  How do you get rid of a smell of a dead mouse in the wall or in a closet?  Short of cutting big holes in the wall to  find and extract the mouse, odor absorbers will do a good job of absorbing the odors, until they eventually go away on their own in about  6 months.  If you have ever had an animal die in your wall or closet you quickly learn how bad can a dead critter in your wall can smell.  It can stink for months, until the dead mouse decomposes.

If you want to quickly rid the dead mouse odor  in your closet or in the wall, to use Fridge It odor absorbers   it works well for getting rid of dead mouse odor using activated charcoal.  It may take up to 6 in the closet to get the odor under control, but 6 cost $14.49 so it is not a budget buster.

 You can buy Fridge It activated charcoal odor absorbers at  Get the big size  cube that says it is used for refrigerators.  Once put in the closet or near the offending wall it will absorb the smell until the mouse has decomposed and no longer smelling. 

You do need to be sure that the smell is not another issue such as mold in the wall.  Dead mouse in the wall needs an activated carbon odor absorber.  They are fragrance free and absorb the odor and trap the smell in the carbon pores. 

If the odor is not dean mouse and instead is mold, Fridge Its will not work, since the mold grows and you need a specialist to remove and treat the mold.

So Fridge It is great for a dead mouse smell and odors.  Works on dead rat odor in wall or closet and dead animal in wall odor problem.

For more info you on dead mouse odors you can go to their web site or email .